Garry's Mod Communities.

Is it just me…Or have you noticed in the past, year or so, EVERYONE wants to make the next super popular gamemode, not just a gamemode, but a gamemode specifically for their community, Everyone wants to lead their own gmod community with its own forum!

This has increased since the release of Gmod Tower.

What are your take / comments on this statement?

Yes, youre right.
They wantto get Super Famous status, and be the only admin on their “Supa-dupa” gamemode…

I agree entirley with what you are saying and full heartily agree that something must be done as this situation is one of up-most urgency and direness.

Who doesn’t want to be an admin, no the OWNER of a super popular community.


Wow good point, good point.

Well if they have talent, let them do what they please.

Any “wannabe” teams will die out due to them running out of patience or etc.

Nice, I like it, a lot of very valid points being made in this thread, keep it up guys.

I’ve noticed it, especially after the tower. I mean, I own winsaucestudios, which all started with Zombified World, although that was before GMT. I guess we were lucky we grew popular, because I can imagine a lot of the one-gamemode-based communities not, with the exception of RP, because that’s always full of pre-teen drama kids to fill them xD

We now run 4 servers, after taking KillaZS, and I’m working on another gamemode. We also have Gang War RP which someone else is working on. But, I’ve noticed a lack of people willing to code for “other” communities, they want to start their own (I’m looking for coders because I want to quit GMod in favor of winsaucestudios other games, which is far more awesome)

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So, I presume you’re going to spam that on every thread until somebody bans you?

This topic is now becoming a big thing because people are understanding the theory behind * Private Gamemodes * there good and there bad and it all depends how you take it. The only good way you can run a private gamemode is through a community so if it gets stolen you have some form of guarantee that you will keep your version right because everyone will have something to get back to the author to. The big side of private gamemodes is that theres only one place to play it so traffic is big for that server so it gets its in the top for being full, all you need then is the website name in the server name and you have a advertising tool. The bad sides is that you have to be able to trust people within it or you get the classic example of Sunrise were the people get jealous when they are kicked and release what they had access to. So all you can say is its a classic example of how screwed up the gmod community is and how everyone’s trying to make a fresh start by starting more community’s to try and make something new and big. Theres also those kids that wanna be part of something special and know that they have power over alot of people, AKA =PB=.

That was 1% on topic 99% shameless self promotion.

In other news: The problem with most of the people trying to start these niche communities is they have no idea what they want or what they’re doing other than they have an idea and they want to own it.

Exactly my point.

Well, why not? :stuck_out_tongue: I thought it was on-topic, re-reading it I realize it is really promotional crap, I guess I’m used to it.

I also agree with your second point, exactly what I was like when starting, still, it worked out alright.

GNation’s been around almost a year, but we’re not trying to be the best with our own supa-dupa private gamemode. infact, i’m the only serious lua coder that comes close to being like one of the ones on here. (at least a bit.)
I’m developing a gamemode on there but it’s definitely not going to be private.
(I’m trying as hard as i can to not be a promotion)
and we were one of those communities who actually had a goal when we were created.

This is annoying too. I want to see more communities sharing their creations instead of being restrictive with it. All of my servers run publicly available gamemodes, but we’re having trouble finding popular gamemodes which are available to everyone.

The problem with communities which keep gamemodes to themselves is that they alienate players.

If I ever finish my gamemode (an easy to edit, simplistic RP gamemode not created for any particular type of RP that is designed to be modular and customizable for any type of RP), I intend on releasing it to the public for several reasons.

For one, I can’t run a whole community and several servers that use my gamemode by myself. The e-drama and shit you see in every GMod community would drive me insane.

Not to mention the fact that it’d just get leaked eventually.

And my favorite reason: Because the GMod community DESPERATELY NEEDS a decent RP gamemode that isn’t a mingefest (DarkRP), restricts RP to the point where it’s impossible to RP (Cider/kuroScript), or is designed for a specific type of RP and to hard to edit (TacoScript).

I’d love to see more private gamemodes released to the public. For example, Joerdgs/ClavusElite, released Infected Wars when it was out of beta. It ran before on the Mr. Green servers (which I’m co-owner of with him).

This is true for most people but what things you have to think of are, If you were to release it then there’s loads of versions gunna crop up because there’s no real way you can protect the things you own. Some people believe in Creative Commons but if you read the disclaimer its just rubbish. There’s nothing in Creative Commons other than your rights as a human being. Other license that are free are all valid documents all you need then is the money to get some compensation for the license beaning broken.

This is yet another downside that has destroyed the gmod community, Developers having nothing they can use to protect what they make other than not letting people get there hands on it. There’s a simple way in which this could be fixed but its not a long term solution.

I believe some things are better kept private for the good of the gamemode, while some are better released. It all depends on the situation really.

People making half arsed attempts at making a private gamemode will likely fail - while people who make the gamemode for the sake of making it (And it becomes popular) may die if it were released. Some gamemodes just don’t hold enough popularity for it to be shared.