Garry's Mod concept art by TheBug

Spy Backstep Jump !!!

**Team Planking 2

Credit : Thebug [

T]( for watching :slight_smile:

What the fuck is a ‘backstep’?

I dig the headcrab one.

heavy has a minigun in medieval mode

I remember on Super Mario Sunshine you could jump backwards and it would do a really high jump. I doubt that’s the case though.

In what universe is this concept art?
These are concept art:

As for the pictures, I don’t like most of them due to the horrible DoF and overall posing. Headcrab one is okay.

this is such good concept art i can really see the ideas you are trying to convey and it touches me deep down in my heart

you should post your stuff here:

i’m sure they’ll love it

That headcrab jumping pic with the crowbar’s very original dude gj, others are kinda ok

The Demo looks like he’s being impaled into a tree.

The Spy’s posing kinda creeps me out…
EDIT: Taking a 2nd look, I noticed the jpeg_quality not being set to 100. Tssk, tssk, tssk.

The headcrab one is kinda messed up. The man in the back’s head is being blocked with the crowbar.

planking awww yeah