Garry's Mod Configuration in Hammer

I cannot find any EP2 or TF2 content in Hammer for my Garry’s Mod configuration. I used this tutorial:

I have the Orange Box.

The Hammer configuration doesn’t mount but the one game’s content. However, GMod itself does have the ability to mount all available content from other games (which is why it doesn’t have much by default). To have EP2 and TF2 content mountable by the GMod Hammer configuration, GCFScape must be used to extract the game content into the proper directories under GMod game files.

Oooh, ok, thanks!

To save space, you would be best to just open the map under the configuration that contains the required content.

And then compile it in the Garry’s Mod config?

Compile it with whatever you require to use, also, if you’re only using tf2 and ep2 just extract what you’re using from tf2 into your ep2 folder and map with ep2 sdk.

Alright, thanks. I know how to use GCFscape so that won’t be a problem