Garrys Mod Configuration

I recently made a post about this but now I’m starting to question some of the answers i received.

My problem is I can’t map under a Garry’s Mod configuration. Someone told me that there was no configuration and that I’m supposed to map on counter-strike: source or HL2 ep 2.

This would be fine but I would like to add models from the both of them to my map. If I add props from one then it would become an error in the other. If there was a garrys mod configuration I would be able to so both right?

You can use any source engine game by valve which is in the sourcesdk to map for garrysmod.

  1. Ask this in the mega thread
  2. It’s possible to port the models from either game into the other one

Didn’t answer my question at all. Faster response this way. If my question bugs you so much ignore the big icon that says “QUESTION”

Shall I port every model from css into hl2 or is there a simpler way?

Drag and drop from the gcf.

[li]If you do not have “Counter-Strike: Source”, you should use the “Garry’s Mod” configuration. You should use this because it is better than using the “Half-Life 2” configuration[/li][/ul]
This was from the gmod wiki, so there is a gmod config…

If you add a garrysmod configuration that should help a bit. This isn’t rocket science.

You can make your own configuration for garrysmod yes. But its pretty pointless since you don’t mount all the games it has. It doesn’t work like that.

Alright well I’ve added cS:S to my hl2 configuration. They still appear to be errors.

What do you mean you added it?

You can just extract models and materials folders from the CSS .gcf file to the half-life 2/hl2/ folder


And be sure to restart hammer.

Alright, for one, you need to know which folder to work with. File path should be “half-life 2 episode two\ep2”, and you’ll need to create a “materials” and “models” folder if they don’t already exist in the ep2 area. Use gcfscape to extract the CS:S materials you want to use to your desktop (or anywhere you want to, whatever is easiest), and then cut/paste those materials into the aforementioned ep2\materials folder. Same thing goes with the CS:S models you were asking about. If you need more detailed instructions, just ask.


Of course, I’m assuming that you’re using the Episode 2 Hammer configuration, which is what you should be doing in my opinion.

Who cares if its errors in hammer? Do CSS stuff with CSS, Ep2 stuff with Ep2 and so on, when you compile you’ll still have everything. It may be more tedious, but it doesn’t really matter.

Youtube tutorial: