Garry's Mod Constrantly Crashing


This just started happening recently after I installed a content pack for a server, every time I start Garry’s Mod now it gets stuck at the main screen for a few seconds and I can operate Garry’s Mod normally after that. However, when I enter a server and play for a while, maybe 20-25 minutes, and after that it crashes. This also happens when I’m playing and ALT+TAB out of the game.

Hope someone can give me a solution. I even tried to reinstall Garry’s Mod and delete the whole directory but it’s still happening, help is appreciated <3

Hmmm… What are your PC specs?

Not the best, I’ve bootcamped my MacBook Pro into Windows 10. However, this has never happened before and I have used it for a decent amount of time.

Honestly, I’m not a computer genius. So, I really don’t know what else it could be. Your specs are fine for GMod. Sorry man :confused:

The only thing id be pointing fingers at is bootcamp and ur GPU

I just think its weird cause this is the first time its happening ever

Your specs are perfect for Gmod.

What addons are you using?
Have you tried connecting to other friends (Client to client)?