Garry's Mod crash issues

Hi guys.

I play GMod for a long time ago, and the last month it worked perfect with no problems. But one day I started to have a lot of issues with continuous crashes. I tried to fix it for two weeks, but I couldn’t. So I decided to post here, to see if anyone can help me.

The game crashes in two cases:

1. Loading model pictures in the spawn menu.
When I load any game content. I click on file where are a lot of props, models, etc., it loads very slow and makes GMod lags. When it loads some pictures the game just freezes and crashes to the desktop (and rarely shows the error “Not enought memory”)

2. Randomly.
For example, I’m playing GMod with the basic props or killing combines and the game crashes without reason.

I tried everything, remove some addons (I only have 87), reinstall GMod, verify game cache, set the graphic options to low, and nothing works.
I never had lag issues, the game runs with 90-80 average FPS.

My PC:
AMD Athlon™ II Dualcore 255 3.1 GHz
Video card GeForce GT 220
HD 500GB
OS: Windows XP SP3 32 bits.

If anyone knows how to fix it, please tell me.

Thanks in advance.

Why dose everyone use XP… Have you tried to reinstall gmod?

Go to your GMod root folder, are there any .mdmp files there?

Yep, but still crashing :frowning:

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Yes, there are 7 files.
I think there was more, but with the uninstallation they were deleted.

Choose the two newest dump files and put them here:

Then post the links.

Don’t start any map, just sit at the main menu until all of your addons download. The errors I’m seeing have to do with HTML, it might be something with your network.

Maybe, but at other times it wasn’t downloading anything and the game crashed anyway.

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I played again with no downloads, and the game crashed to desktop (without the error “Not enough memory”). So, I uploaded his MDMP file: