Garry's Mod Crash on Startup (After Feb Hotfix #2)

Hi, it all started today, February’s 22nd, 2016. The release of February’s Update #2. After the game updated normally, as soon as i try to open Garry’s Mod, when it faces that blue loading screen, before the main menu, the game suddenly closes with message: hl2.exe has stopped working.

I went on every website and tried everything,
from removing all addons,
reinstalling gmod,
reinstalling steam,
trying launch options, nothing.

My Specs Are:

Windows 10 Home Edition
Intel Core i5-3330 3.0GHz
Zotac GTX 960 AMP! Edition, 4GB of GDDR5
DirectX 12 Latest Version

Waiting on fix so i can go back and play.
Any help is very welcome.

Thanks, -Kron.

how did you remove all addons? if you just went in your addons folder and went on a delete spree it probably wouldn’t help. if you went and unsubscribed from most/all workshop addons and then went on a delete spree, then that’s about as far as i can help you

I actually did a full clean garry’s mod install, without workshop updates, and it still didn’t work. So i dont think the problem is with addons… I might try something more tomorrow, have to leave for now, thanks for help tough

when you start gmod it starts downloading all of your workshop addons, a friend of mine had this problem and unsubscribed from all of his addons and it was fixed

gmod crashes before that, it crashes even before it starts logging stuff with the -condebug launch tag

Do you have anything added inside cfg/mount.cfg? Are there any .mdmp files located in ./SteamApps/GarrysMod?