Garry's Mod Crashes at Facepunch Studios Loading Screen w/ Engine Error

This problem started a couple days ago.
In the morning, my Gmod was working like it should, then I shut down the game. I came back later to launch the game and it crashes at the Facepunch Studios Loading Screen, and if I wait to see if it responds I get an error message saying: “Engine Error: Awesomium has crashed or something - could not create NewObject!”

I have tried everything.
I have tried verifying the game cache, unsubscribing from addons, reinstalling Garry’s Mod, and reinstalling Steam. Nothing has worked. This problem just started randomly without warning, if anyone has a solution I’m all ears.

I’m truly desperate to get this game running right again.

Thank You,
Risu Senpai aka supersquirrel94 (steam)

I’ve been to that thread, none of those solutions worked.