Garry's Mod crashes at "retrieving server info"

I attempt to join a server, it almost loads, then my game freezes, takes up near all of my memory, and closes. No error messages, no “hl2.exe has stopped responding”, nothing. Just bloody shuts off. I have tried reinstalling Garry’s mod, and disabling my addons, but no dice. I also tried the supposed “vgui_allowhtml 0” fix, but it says that it’s not a valid command. I don’t get it.

Go to your GMod root folder (steamapps/common/GarrysMod) and check if there are any .mdmp files there. If yes, upload them here: and post the link here.

Here you go.

That’s the most recent one.

Edit: Sorry for the wall of text. This is my first time uploading one of these. :v:

This mite be a shot in the dark man but i had the same issue and this is what i did.
it was a direct x issue adding this(-dxlevel 91) to the launch option’s fixed it i also enabled direct x in the video option’s. To do this, go to garry’s mod in steam right click it, click (properties) and then click (Set launch options) then add this

(-dxlevel 91)

You should also enabled direct x in the video option’s in game.

its more of a loophole than a fix but anyway you can change the resolution to what ever your screen is but dont change anything else or it wont work i know it sounds far fetched but it worked for me.

post back if this work’s for you :smiley:

Use -dxlevel 95 , not 91.

That just put it really close to the screen. I actually managed to get onto the server yesterday after removing my legacy addons, so I think that was the problem. Thank you for helping, though. You’re like the master of this section of the forums!