Garry's Mod Crashes At Sending Client Info

Ok, you’ve probably seen a lot of these, it’s a common problem. But Google didn’t help at all. I deleted my cache folder over 9000 times, I verified integrity of cache and deleted my downloads folder. Almost every server I join crashes at sending client info. I tried joining this HL2RP server yesterday about 7 times and only got on once… This is getting really annoying. It’s been happening a lot and is basically hell to join a server. I also join singleplayer then join a multiplayer server but that only increases the chance of crashing from 100% to about 70%. And when on a server, I also start to hang then crash while in-game. Can someone help me? My GMod used to work perfectly but now that I have begun to play it again, it’s been doing this…

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Can anybody help me please?

Wow, this sounds like a hard problem. I would not know what to tell you, you’ve done some very good troubleshooting on it. The last thing I could say is to do a complete fresh install on Garry’s Mod. Does other source games work as far as connecting to other servers?

Yes, all of my other source games work perfectly. GMod is the only one having this problem.

Have you waited it out before?

sometimes, when gmod freezes while loading, i click the window so it greys out, the click close and press wait for program to respond, and wait. it sometimes helps. :tinfoil:

I can’t wait it out. When it’s sending client information it just sits there for about 5 minutes and immediately crashes and the infamous hl2.exe error shows up.

Anyone have any other ideas?

System Specs, Addons Installed (if any). Check for dumps in Steam/dumps (it would be under hl2.exe) and upload one to

Either link to it or post it here using the [noparse]

[/noparse] tags

Here it is.

I have also deleted my bin folder in steamapps/username/garrysmod/ and it stopped some of the crashing, but I still crash in-game a bit.

This happens for me try loading me map in singeplayer and then connect to the server from that

This needs to be fixed, it seems to be quite a common problem. I’ve done all the recommended stuff, and still crashes at sending client info no matter what. I’ve even reinstalled steam, and changed OS (That would have happened anyway)

It’s also been crashing a lot on my recently, although for me it only crashes for singleplayer, I can connect to multiplayer just fine.

Getting the same problem lately as well. Crashes have been occurring more and more, fresh install does nothing.

That probably means an addon is crashing you.

I finally fixed it : Update your drivers.

Mine are on the latest…

Always Include SYSTEM SPECS (CPU, Video Card, RAM, Operating System) so we can better determine the source of the problem.

this really is a really common problem for me it has been happening since they made the big cache thing you download instead of you having to download every single little file but when you did have to download every single one i could at least play

What do your crash dumps show?

I think that’s when it started for me :confused:

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