Garry's Mod crashes before even starting.

Here is a copy of the Windows Error log.

This happened after the 2/8/11 update. I click on G-Mod, it begins loading, then tells me that hl2.exe has crashed. I doubt my computer is the problem, as it could handle the game before. I have a dual core Intel CPU, an ATI HD 5850, and 4 gigs of ram.

What do I do?

First we should try a clean install of Garry’s Mod. Rename your garrysmod folder (steam/steamapps/<steamname>/garrysmod) then start up Garry’s Mod.

Also, make sure your start up options is clear.

The start up options are clear, but fuck no I’m not uninstalling, it was enough of a bitch to download it once on dial up.

You don’t have to redownload it if you do a “clean install” It just copies the base files out of the Garry’s Mod GCF