Garry's Mod Crashes Before Main Menu

Hey Facepunch (And hopefully Garry)

I’m having an issue that I don’t think I’ve ever come across before. Basically, after the update yesterday, I downloaded it and launched Garry’s Mod straight away as soon as it was finished. It loaded fine, and came up with the menu and so on easily, no hassle. But, after I closed it to install a map (rp_city23.bsp) Garry’s Mod has been freezing as it’s screen pops up, right before it even tries to initialize the menu.

I’d like some help, please.


Before I even posted this I had Garry’s Mod trying to launch, and it launched successfully. It started to initialize stuff but it froze again at particles/fire_fx. I’m going to try restart Steam, and if that doesn’t work, my computer. If it still freezes there I’ll return to this thread.

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Restarted both steam and my computer and it still freezes on particles/fire_fx.

Issue fixed itself.