Garry's Mod crashes during Singleplayer loading.

When I start a singleplayer game (on any map), it would load as usual, until you get to “initializing resources”, it would show this for about 30 seconds, like normal, but then it would crash to the desktop without showing any errors. I have a lot (and I mean a lot) of addons, but they have worked without crashing before. Please help me!

Hey! I’m having the same problem! I’d also be very happy to find out the problem to this error. Also multiplayer is working fine but SP is crashing.

How many addons do you have installed?

I’d say try removing some of your not used addons and try again :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, delete all your .GMA’s and start GMod. This gives your addons folder a fresh redo and keeps the size down.

Well it would take like atleast and hour to redownload all his workshop addons if really many addons. So I would recommend unsubscribing some of your addons before you delete your whole gmod addon folder

Even if you unsubscribe from addons they still stay in the folder. But yeah, that’s smart.

Also, ‘TheSqueaker’ unsubscribe from addons from workshop on the Steam client NOT while in GMod.

I have exactly 599 addons installed…

Better get to work then. I had to go through the same thing, and my GMod folder is 70 GB in size.

Welp, at least I know that I’m not the only one with 15 gb worth of addons in the GMod community :wink:

It’s actually fairly common. I have immense OCD so I keep mine to a minimum. I’m not saying having that many is awful and it will kill your GMod, just get rid of the addons you NEVER use. If you have a few you like, keep them. Just get the bad ones out.

I tried re-downloading the addons and it worked fine until they finished. I’m guessing that it’s the addon’s fault. I’ll tell you which addon it was so you know to stay 20 planets away from it :).