Garry's Mod crashes frequently

I’ll be playing in a server, minding my own business, and alternately in single player mode, and hl2.exe crashes. The top right of the screen says OS Paged Pool Memory Low. There is also a window that said ‘instruction at “0x11c1cbbd” referenced memory at “0x0c6f1454”. the memory could not be read.’

This hasn’t crashed Counter Strike: Source, and I can’t find any corresponding numbers in a search of my system information.

Can anyone help me?

Thats one of the most common garrysmod errors ever. Clean your gmod(rename your gmod folder), Becuse its mostly addons overloading something. Like crashes in multiplayer is mostly caused by something overloading source’s shitty networking

Any thing it has to be named?

Just anything except garrysmod, So steam will unpack the gcf again.

So gmod would work then.

What is the gcf? I’m not familiar with everything yet.

Will I change the folder back to garrysmod?

Go into steam/steamapps/<username>/garrysmod rename the garrysmod folder in the garrysmod folder and then start gmod up steam will unpack the folders needed from the .gcf files