Garry's Mod crashes on "initializing data" screen!

you see, i get an error on “initializing data”, i only see the error message for a split second then it goes back to the loading (initializing data) screen, i must restart my pc when it does this
i have searched around but nothing has helped me, any fixes for this?

i figured it would be faster to get a couple pics of dxdiag:

Many reasons this could be happening.

I’d recommend you read the requirements for the game:

Your CPU will work, but the Intel Celeron runs at about 25-50% slower then a regular Intel 2.6 Ghz(I’ve used a 3.2, but ran with performance like a 1.8) - so keep this in mind. A game that requires 1.8 Ghz at-least just might be pushing it. Might not be the problem though.

Running a game such as Garry’s Mod on 512 megabytes of ram is a horrendous idea. Your system memory is 512 megabytes which means background processes will most likely be using 25-50% of it. You need at-least 512 megabytes available to play it. I know, cause I’ve tried running it on 512 megs and it runs horribly slow and crashes a lot.

Your GPU is bad, using integrated GPUs isn’t a good idea unless it’s a half decent one such as the HD3200 or something similar. Try updating drivers?

Your game cache is all mangled up, go to steam and right click on **Garry’s Mod -> Local Files -> Verify game cache. **

Delete everything related to Garry’s Mod on your system. GCF, Game Folders, ect. Then reinstall.

Or… You have a illegal copy of the game. Not accusing you for anything.

In my thoughts, it’s either Not enough ram, Weak GPU, or broken cache.

ok, thank you, i have tried re-installing very recently, that did nothing, but setting the “launch settings” to “-dxlevel 8” i was able to get to the main menu of gmod. i shall try getting a new GPU, hope it works, thanks again, bye.

No problem

my system says i have 510, know anything about that? it would help in my upgrades and repairs.

Yeah, 1/2 a gig isn’t exactly 512 megs of ram. It’s like buying a 1 TB HDD, it’ll say 1000 GBs on the box, but only be 980 in the drive itself. Either it’s corrupted, or being used for the system’s graphics card. So it steals two megs.

For upgrades, you need a PCI card. According to Google your Dell model has no graphics expansion slot and is a socket 478 which is no longer on the market(or at-least here). So you need a Standard PCI GPU. Memory wise you need DDR 333mhz and your mainboard only supports 2 sockets… Those are dirt cheap, you can find 2gb to 4gb on Kijiji for like $15. Now the PCI video card is gonna cost a large penny. Cheapest one I can find is $60 and it’s 512 megabytes from ATI. But PCI cards aren’t very powerful, if you want a beastly card you need a board with a PCI-e 16x slot or an AGP 8x slot. But it beats using your current setup.

Need anything else?

i think that is all the questions i have for now, my new memory cards should come in the mail, im pretty sure they’re 512 mega-bytes each oh and i finally got a pic from the error window, here is what it says “The instruction at “0x1424c32d” referenced memory at “0x0ff8b030”. The memory could not be “read”.” does that help in any diagnoses?


can i get an answer? i have 1 gigabyte of memory now, i still cant get Gmod to work, is it too much to ask for an answer?