Garry's Mod crashes on launch

Hello, Facepunch.

Today I have updated my Garry’s Mod, and every time I go to launch Garry’s Mod it will load up the first part, but when the blue bar appears at the bottom, it will crash and no error would appear.

Please help me as soon as possible.

Thanks alot.

Hello, I’m not facepunch, but Ruben,

I think it’s a kinda un-usefull topic, because if you just look around, you see alot of topics with this problem in the title.
So PLEASE don’t respond to this topic anymore, and search your help by reading my other answers in other topics, cause i’m getting really tired of replying to all these topics.

Thanks for helping bro!

(User was banned for this post ("Unhelpful" - garry))

Thanks for being cocky, I wanted help not a flame thread.

Every other thread I have read is totally different to mine.

you dont have to reply to this
your not helping at all

Can you send me crashlogs please?


Do you know what the problem is? Because it’s kinda pretty annoying, I agree with that, but, All addons are failing now, that’s the biggest problem.

(Btw, i wanna play on same server as u! :O)

Thank you Garry, I have mailed you.

Hahaha, you come piss on this thread and then start to bum bandit garry, your the shit I see on one grass.

(Btw, You might want to shut the fuck up! :o)

I also thought the same as you, RamRam.

Very interesting huh?

Ok, I have this problem also! I have played last night and had so much fun with my new addons, and when I went to go on this morning it gets to the loading bar and freezes! I have a picture. That’s what keeps happening. I got so fed up I uninstalled the whole game, deleted local content, removed the folder from Steam, updated my graphics card to the latest drivers, verified integrity of game cache, and defragmented the game cache. I can’t fix it! I told my brother I was gonna play the game with him, then I realized it’s not that simple for me to fix.

Computer Specs: 2 gigs ram, Windows XP Home 32 bit,256mb VisionTek Radeon x1550 Series, Processor : AMD Athlon XP 2800+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.1GHz

I don’t know much about specs but I think that’s what you need, I just got that information from typing Dxdiag in “Run”. Thanks for the help! :>

An update will be out soon, this should allow us to play Garry’s Mod again!

Garry Newman to me
show details 3:19 PM (17 minutes ago)

We’re working on the problem, patch will be out soon.


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On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 11:12 PM, Danny Aimone <> wrote:

Everytime I join a server, my garry’s mod crashes. I think this is because of the new update, I don’t know.

It’s on singleplayer too.
It is because of the new update.

Thank you for the quick update, but it did not work for me… I don’t know why. =( When I read the patch notes I was so excited then on launch it crashed with the same error, I restarted Steam and then hit the “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE…” button and still will not work. I guess I will just wait and see if over time magic happens. But thanks for the update regardless, I’m sure it fixed most peoples problems.


Restart STEAM and open garry’s mod, the patch has been finished.

Yeah, I see that… Apparently it didn’t install when Steam said it was updating.

We gave up and rolled back to 25. So it should be exactly how it was yesterday.


Yeah, the game works perfectly now. =D Thanks