Garry's Mod Crashes right before loading menu

System hardware specs
P4 2.8 Ghz
256Mb Gfx card
Windows XP 32 bit

No Addons Installed (Deleted local content + deleted Gmod Folder)

Okay, I start Gmod normally, it gets to the blue loading bar and nothing. It just crashes to desktop. No error or any thing. it just randomly started happening. I reinstalled Gmod, it worked one time. Then it stopped working again. Once I tried to start the game. Also, I’ve tried -Fullscreen. (This blue loading bar:)


Problem hasn’t been fixed.

Does it crash while loading a certain element every time? Or is it different? That might help in finding the problem.

Try these flags -windowed -32bit
And ONE of the following: -dxlevel 70 OR -dxlevel 80 OR -dxlevel 90

Thats all I can say :stuck_out_tongue:

(it only goes to -dxlevel 81)

Also, your video card is well below the recommended minimal requirements (The ones on the Steam Store page are far too low)

Does no one read the FAQ at the top of the page anymore?

I’ve had this problem on every single computer I’ve tried it on, I have CS: Source, HL2, and TF2 installed. They all run fine on the highest of settings, but Gmod just closes on when trying to load the menu.

And my PC is well above the requirements.