Garry's Mod Crashes when I launch it

I just bought it a few days ago, and whenever I try to launch it, it’ll get to the loading screen then Crash. I contacted Steam and they won’t help me because this is a Third Party game. They linked me here… So I thought i’d give it a shot.

I’ve already tried re-installing it and everything.

  • I can run Half Life 2, TF2, Portal and all that just fine so my computer can handle it.

  • I haven’t installed any add ons or other mods.

If somebody could PLEASE help me out that would be great.

Hold on… can you post the error message? I remember having something similar to this and I messaged Steam about it. I’ll post what I replied when they posted a fix.


Here’s my original question.

They replied me this, so you should try this first.

I had already fixed the problem by using this solution:

Try -dxlevel and read my post in the sticky entitled “Help! My Gmod runs slow”. It should help you :rolleyes: