Garry's Mod crashes when loading second map

I’ve had gmod for some time now and am fairly familiar with the lousy patches they put out. After the most recent patch gmod starts up fine, loads the map fine, plays fine, but when I change maps it gets stuck at the loading screen at 0%. I then have to force quit it using the task manager and restart gmod. At first I just thought that I was a glitchy patch and that it would be fixed soon, but it has been quite awhile now and no patches have been released. I started to get worried when I found that no one else on the internet seemed to be having this problem.

I’m running Win XP SP2 and have a Nvidia 9500 GT PCI Grafics card.

Please Help!

have you tried quitting the the main menu then going to another map?

Yeah, I tried that but with the same results.

Yea same problem here, pretty pissed about it, STEAM support doesnt do jack about squat.

Heres my other threads that no one has replied too:

(this guys got the same problem)

I dont know, best to submit a bug to them and hopefully in the next patch it will be fixed!

Operating System
MS Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3

Intel Pentium 4
Cores 1
Threads 1

1.00 GB DDR @ 166MHz (2.5-3-3-7)

Intel Corporation D845PECE (J2E1)

L206W (1680x1050@60Hz)
128MB GeForce4 Ti 4200 (MSI)]

Currently making my computer that’s why I have this shitty one :suicide:

Well, it’s good to know there are other people with this problem. I hope they fix it soon.

I guess you could try validating your files via steam?

I tried that too, but thanks anyways.

You posted a thread with the same problem but back in January, and you bumped a dead thread. The hell man.

Also, not talking about this thread, the one he linked.

The coding for Garry’s Mod is a tad messy, so it may not unload all of the resources (like RAM) used for the first map and then try to pile more stuff on top of that. The game tends to crash when it runs out of memory.

Check in Steam/dumps for a dump file with hl2.exe and upload it to

Yea I bump dead threads, whats it to ya?