Garry's Mod crashes when....

Alright guys GMod crashes or never actually loads upon normal startup.
When I open the game up to the starting picture/main menu it never loads, I even left it on overnight for the lulz and it still never loaded. hl2.exe officially crashes after I end it from the Task Manager(hl2.exe is not responding), I tried deleting my directory so it would re-download and yet this problem persists.

I’m open to any suggestions you guys have to fix this problem. (Note: This is after I restored my computer to fix my Spawn Menu not opening in multiplayer =/)

Get a new computer or Graphics card bud. This happened to me and then i bought my new 'un. Now i can run Gmod fine. Also, don’t do Cliffhanger thread titles. We don’t like them and you can get banned for it. I’ve seen it happen.

I’ve downloaded Garry’s mod on two different computers with 2 different graphics cards, and they both crash. And if i Were to buy a new graphics card, how much would it cost? :confused:

Now that you guys mention it I just got new drivers for my graphics card, could this have broken it?

Sorry about the cliffhanger by the way, I figured it would make people curious and they’d want to read it.

Forgot to mention before my sys restore Gmod worked fine.

(User was banned for this post ("Cliffhanger thread title" - Starpluck))

Rapture, it’s alright. Just don’t do it again. Ever. You did get banned, but i’m sure you learned your lesson. On topic: It might be that Sys Restore. I think it breaks Gmod sometimes. And Fowler, a graphics card… A cheap one would cost about £80 or roughly $90. They are expensive as hell (Lol coming from a Moron loaded with cash.) But that is their price for a Medium one. I have an Nvidia Geforce 9800 and that made me fork out £200 for it. But yeah, expensive for one little thing. Hope this was helpful and it’s not just me rambling on.

Try -dxlevel 8 mat_max_worldmesh_vertices 1024 -sw in the launch options!

Do we right click I on the Desktop or in Steam?