Garry's Mod crashes without error

Some days ago I bought GMod through Steam. I installed it and played a bit alone, and then entered a TTT server and played without problems.
Then i stopped playing and, since that, I had just played two more times without problems. That TTT server was the only one I entered in and the other times I played alone in Sandbox.
One or two days later I was going to play with a friend but the games crashes before it ends loading. I run it and then the blue loading screen appears and 1 or 2 seconds later the game crashes without errors, the computer doesn’t even freeze.
I think I tried every solution possible. I have never installed add ons and most of the other source games I have run properly.
In Half Life 2 I am in the Follow Freeman mission and the npcs like Barney start to act weirdly and then the game crashes without errors. I don’t know if both situations are related in any way.

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Check your Garry’s Mod root folder (/steamapps/common/GarrysMod) and see if there are any .mdmp files there. If so, put the newest here: and post the link.

There aren’t any.