Garry's Mod Crashes

My Screen freezes while I’m playing Garry’s Mod, you can still use Console Commands and Chat and whatever, however you just can’t see what your doing…
like, if you are watching some people fight, and it freezes, you have a permanent picture of that…

I don’t see what’s causing it, I reinstalled Garry’s Mod Multiple Times, Unsubscribed to everything and did the Verify Game option.
It only freezes on my Desktop, I can play it just fine on my laptop…

Desktop Specs

I’m not exactly sure where to find complete specs.

I even have slight problems with ‘Hammer’, it tends to crash and Hammer becomes unresponsive.

Edit: And you can still hear Audio, People and any sound.

Help, It keeps breaking.

Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Have you tried removing your addons/workshop subscriptions?

I think I may have fixed it… AMD apparently had a few updates to the Control Panel and other little bops on their website.

I downloaded it and it updated everything from USB Filters to Drivers.
I’m not sure if its safe to say its completely fixed but it seems so for the time being, I’ll be able to find out later today.