Garry's Mod Crashes

I just bought GMod off Steam, and when I open it, the loading screen shows up, and then it crashes, and says hl2.exe crashed or something…
I’m running Windows Vista 32-bit SP1, on a dell inspiron 1545…
Anyone know why this may be happening?

And I have bought both Portal and Counter-Strike: Source, and played them both…

How many times have you tried?

Like, 5 at least…

Name all of your source games.

Hmm… It says hl2.exe has encountered a problem and had to close. But it also then tells me Windows had a problem or something.

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Didn’t see your last post.
Counter-Strike: Source

Can you try redownloading it? I’m not sure if you can, but can you try?

I’ll try that…

Make sure it’s not updating before you play, too.

I can’t find a way to… Don’t see it in program files, and can’t find a way in Steam…

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What do you mean?

You might also need Half-Life 2, so if you have the money I’d recommend buying it.

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Most of the weapons and props are from Half-Life 2.

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Check your downloads and make sure it’s not updating.

Really? Dang it. I specifically got Counter-Strike: Source with it because I thought it said most were from that. And I don’t really want to have to spend any more money on this game… Already spent $30…

No, it’s alright, I think my friend bought it without HL2.

I’m not really sure since I already had the Orange Box when I got it.

Oh ok… I think it’s just this computer… It’s my brothers, since mine broke, and it sucks… Bad graphics that’s incompatible with many games(that might be why it won’t work), and like 3 gig ram(could be that too, I guess)…

And I run Windows 7.

The website did say you only needed one source engine game, just to get the Source SDK I think…

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It’s also supposed to be compatible with Windows XP-7 at least I think, so…

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What did you say about making sure it’s not updating?

I don’t really know, the only thing I can suggest is asking someone who is really good with computers, or buying HL2. You probably need it to update, so make sure it’s not updating.

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Maybe try restarting your computer, I had mine restart before even opening it.

That would be tricky, because if you ask any one of my friends to ask someone really good with computers, they’d come to me… I think it is just this PC, gonna go test on an old one… But I don’t know what you mean by how to make it not update.

Well go to the library tab and click on downloads. If it shows Garry’s Mod, then it’s either downloading, or updating, and I think it will show in the corner of the box.

I’m installing the updates Windows told me to, since it errored when the game crashed, too… I’ll see if that helps.