Garrys Mod crashing 24/7


Garrys Mod crashes during gameplay with the error message " ED_Alloc: No free edicts " displayed.

I read somewhere that this error message means you have too many entities or such, the problem is - I dont have that many. I almost have none.

This is really frustrating since it happens all the time I try to play.

Theres also another problem, when I load a saved game, the npc’s wont work. THey just stand there doing nothing at all. Like Wtf?

I’d appreciate any help.


edit; while searching for the problem I found this @ fpsbanana:

What are Edicts?

Edicts are slots for entities. If too many entities are spawned and the limit has been reached, the server will crash with the Error message “No free edicts”.

How did this fix become avaliable?

Somewhen in 2004 the Valve Developer Alfred Reynold added a command line to HL 1 which
allows to increase the default amount of edicts from 900 to anything you want! The problem is,
that noone got ever informed about it.

So how do I fix it anyway?

You set it up like this:
-> Steam Games List
-> Right click on any goldsource modification
-> Properties
-> Set launch options
-> Write “-num_edicts 2047” there, without the quotes. The number may vary.
-> Close both windows with the Ok button
-> Start your game and spam entities

If I understand correct , doing this will solve my problem?


Try it?

i wasn’t able to get -num_edicts to work for gmod … were u?

I was not either

eff it, I cant get it to work ever!

It happens whenever I own people with the AC-130 from the MW2 Killstreak addon.

Anyone here to help?

well it think the problem is that the fix you are attempting is for hl1 and the modified gold source engine whereas gmod uses the source engine. try renaming the garrysmod foler to garrysmodold and then reinstalling gmod