Garry's Mod Crashing After Latest Update

Basically as the title says. My Garry’s Mod has started to crash at start up. The odd thing about this that it only started yesterday. The first couple days were fine up until yesterday when the game began to crash when the initial loading screen appears. I also noticed that when Garry’s Mod starts, the Awesomium process that normally starts as well doesn’t. I’ve done a couple verifications and two complete reinstalls. But had no success, and today the issue seems to have spread to my laptop as well. Since the game launched fine on it last night, but today it fails with the same error. Any one else having this issue and if so, is there a way to fix this or do I have to wait for a Garry’s Mod update that will potentially fix the issue? Also if it helps, both the laptop and my main PC run Windows 8.1.

Edit: Could it be possible that the issue is related with Windows update? As my prior to my finding that the game would crash on my laptop Windows installed updates.

So are you saying that the update screwed up your game and your computer?

No, I’m saying that a possible latest Windows update is messing with Awesomium, preventing it from starting and thus Garry’s Mod failing to launch

Try validating the game files of any and all source engine games that Garry’s Mod pulls content from. Especially TF2.

Hah, That actually worked! TF2 was missing a file and that seemed to fix it. Thank you!