Garry's mod crashing because of SBEP

I started using SBEP but something has started going wrong and I don’t know why… Whenever I build a ship out of more than one part, set up life support and try to take off, the life support components get caught on the planets atmosphere and then Gmod crashes from an engine overload…
however, if I spawn a single prop ship and set up life support it’s fine…
I’ve tried no-colliding everything, I’ve tried welding everything multiple times and I’ve even tried multi-parenting everything but no matter what, I can’t build a ship of my own without either being grounded or having gmod crash.
Is there any way to fix this?

thanks in advance.

Uninstall SBEP

Really though, do you have a good graphics card? SBEP takes up a lot of space and using anything other than props on my older computer crashed the game completely.

My Graphics card is pretty average I’d say… it’s 1GB and also my computer is only about 2.5 years old so it can’t be that.

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I’m going to move this thread into help and support… I should have done that in the first place (-_-:wink: