Garry's Mod Crashing but hl2.exe *32 process staying

Okay, so garry’s mod seems to crash at total random and when it does I can usually close it via the task manager. But when I do this, the hl2.exe*32 won’t go away. I can go to it’s process and click to end it, but it stays. I have tried a clean reinstall, setting it to directx 8.1, setting my heapsize to 4g and so on. I have made exceptions for all HL2 related things in my Norton 360. Sometimes I can play for five minutes, sometimes I play for a few hours without an issue. Also, it pretty much NEVER crashes when i’m on a multi-player server. It’s always when I’m running a private game. My mod list is as follows…

Advanced Duplicator.
Buoyancy tool
Conna’s tools
CSS Realistic Weapons
Doctor Who Pack 4
Easy Precision
Garry’s Bombs 3
HL2 Weapons and Items
Laser Stool
Mad Cows Beta 3
Mescools Swep Pack
Metropolice NPCs
Nuke Pack 4
Smart Constraint
Smart Welding
Smart Snap
Spawn Points
Stacker Stool

However, I’m pretty sure it’s not the mods because it happens when I played without any as well. My specs are as followed

Dell XPS 15 Laptop
Windows 7 Ultimate - 64 Bit
I7 quad core 3.20 GhZ
8G Ram
2G Nvidia GeForce GT 540M

I always have to restart my computer when it crashes because it’s the only way to get it out of memory. However, I can’t even do a proper restart, I have to do a hard shutdown. I have tried everything I can think of and have searched for weeks on google. I cannot think of a single thing more I could do to make this work. If anyone has absolutely any insight at all, please share it. I don’t even mind the Gmod crashing, I can deal with that. It’s the HL2.exe*32 sticking in memory that I want fixed.

HL2.exe*32 is sticking in memory after Gmod crashes and I want it to not do that

Edit: I now believe it has something to do with my video card or driver because after crashing, I can continue using my computer without much of an issue. However, when I tried to plug in my spare monitor, my computer locked up. So I’m going to try and update my video driver, but still please share some idea.

Edit #2: I did find a possible error with my NVidia driver. Apparently when installing the driver, there is a small issue in the .ini files. So I’m going to try this fix. Again, please don’t discount this as fixed. It may not help. If you want to review the fix for information…

Edit #3: Yea that didn’t do shit. Still sticking in memory whenever it crashes.

Too many Addons. So, you mean you see the process in the task manager?
Well, Garry’s Mod got some shutdown errors. But crashes? How do those crashes look? (Does Garry’s Mod just close? Does windows say aynthing?)

Personally, I’d say you should take out all the addons you have and check if that fixes it. You can just copy-paste them to your desktop or something so you can plug them in again. If that does indeed fix it, then take back the addons 1 for 1 and check what makes it crash. Anyhow, you should just remove addons that are broken / that you don’t use.
Also just to make sure, a link to your Steam account would be nice.

He linked his account, he got Gmod :wink:

Either Garry’s mod just totally locks up and I have to shift-tab out of it or my entire computer locks up. Both ways, garry’s mod never outputs a crash log or I would’ve added that too. As for my addons, I use everyone of those. I cut my addon list by half when I did a clean install and redownloaded every one of those. Every one of those addons is either an STool or extra npcs/weapons. I’ve seen people with mod lists three times this size and not have an issue. I’m pretty sure every mod works, but I’ll take them all out and try it. The issue is that sometimes I can play for hours on single player and never get a crash, while using every one of those. Other times I’ll load it up and the moment I grab something with the phys gun or shoot a real gun it crashes. Also, yes I have steam and yes I have a legitimate copy of garry’s mod. Thanks for the help guys.

Edit: And yes, I click end process on the HL2.exe*32 and it closes garry’s mod from explorer but it keeps it in the process list and will never go away. I even tried a Command Prompt command called PSkill that’s supposed to be able to knock any process but it still won’t get rid of it.

To be honest. This sounds like an driver/spec issue. Especially when no crashlogs are created.

Nope, just spent an hour updating my Nvidia driver. It’s the newest possible. Also, this doesn’t happen with Half life 2, portal 2 and any other games, all run at maximum quality.

Delete all modules except standard ones.

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But that would normally generate crash-logs as well.

The issue here is that I’ve been in the command prompt and have been trying to kill it with taskkill. The issue is that when I do a /F it tells me that it can’t be killed because it’s the child of another process (2936). The exact response is thus…
C:>Taskkill /F /IM hl2.exe /T
Error: The process with PID 4152 (Child of PID 2936) Could not be terminated.
Reason: There is no running instance of this task.

After putting in tasklist, the computer clearly shows hl2.exe running and I cannot find the PID 2936 anywhere, it seems to be a totally nonexistent task. I am getting extremely infuriated with this because none of my other Source based games do this and I have all of them. CSS, DoD, TF2, Portal, Portal 2 etc.

That’s really weird. Can you kill it in task-manager with right-click?

No, I’ve said this. I can’t kill it at all. I can make the garry’s mod window go away, but the HL2.exe process will not leave whatsoever. Haven’t I made this clear? This is the main issue. I cannot close HL2.exe when garry’s mod closes.

That’s… indeed weird. Never seen this before. Cannot assist, sorry.

This is rather infuriating. Thanks for the help so far though.

I have this problem with pretty much all source games. Whenever I exit a source game hl2.exe stays there and the only way I can play another game is restarting my computer.