Garry's mod crashing for no reason?

Hello. Today i launched gmod, and when i started playing sp, it just crashed on the loading screen. the eror just said:

hl2.exe has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is acaivable.

and the only buttons i could click on that window were: “debug” and “close program”. i tried on different maps. i don’t think it could be any addon since yesterday i downloaded few addons, and they weorked perfectly yesterday.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

PS: when i click “debug” button it doesn’t do anything.

Its doing it for most people…

ohh… thank you for informing me, i thaught iwas the only one xD


btw, i just discovered that it works when i play multiplayer, that error only happens on sp.

I get this error every minute now since about a day ago, Fucking annoying as hell. In fact this makes it impossible to play garry’s mod. I’m kind of disappointed


Its now so, When connected to a server, And its allmost done loading the motherfucker says hl2.exe stopped working

Tried reinstalling garry’s mod?
Recent updates should be fixing something, but I noticed a lot of people with even more messed up gmod installations.

Just did that, The piece of shit just simply crashed again. This is just really frustrating as i paid for something but i cannot use it.

This is why I hate it when garry’s mod recieves updates… you just know shit is gonna break again.

Last update trashed my loading screen script. Can’t use it anymore.

Which OS are you using?

Windows 7 64bit

This is an ongoing error with updates garry is working on.

I’m hoping there will be a fix soon…

Every time Garry makes an update.

The Game Crashes More Often.

Add “-32bit” (without the “”) to your launch options. :eng101:

Unnecessary since Source games are pretty much all 32 bit anyway.

Latest update messed this up, just wait until they dicide to upload it to valve: Get the beta while you wait, it dosent crash

The updates mess up everything every time.

Wait until Garry updates the engine again, poooo-weee are we going to have problems with mods then…

I think garry should stop updating lol

i agree, let’s revert to gmod9

any idea when is the new update coming? it pisses me off soo much that gmod crashes…

Check the following commands and make sure they’re all set to zero.

r_threaded_particles //Defaults to 1.
r_queued_ropes //Defaults to 1.

Also make sure mat_queue_mode is set to -1 or 0.