Garry's Mod Crashing. Help!

Hey, i have this friend who has this problem connecting to our server. When ever he joins it loads it and stuff, but then when its almost done his garry’s mod crashes. This only happens to this one server, because when he joins our other servers, he can join. Someone already recomended to me that right before he joins the server he opens the console so he can check when and why its crashing, but i dont know how to open the console while joining a server. Help!? Also if there is someone who knows why this is happening please help!

Does it only happen to this one friend? I don’t think it’s possible to view console while connectig though.

It isn’t. It gets tucked away when you start loading

yes it happends just to him.

Then it’s probably an issue with him, maybe something messed up with his game.

mi gmod is crashing too

Is this related to DiTTo4’s server or something else?

i just log in and i cant play it just crash

Umm, unsubscribe from all your addons and reinstall gmod.

problem solve thx :downs: