Garry's Mod Crashing/Instablility - MUST RESET GAME

Hi. Over four times now I’ve reinstalled Garry’s Mod, and started over fresh with new addons, and every time it saves my previous options, and each time I put in even the most minimal of addons it causes my game to become VERY unstable.

The only way I am positive I can fix this is if I can find out how to COMPLETELY reset Garry’s Mod to factory settings, however every time I reinstall the game, it still has the same issue. Every time I restart the fucking game, my graphics are reverted to some random setting, not the recommended settings for my computer. If I switch them to normal, it works until I quit it, and then it just goes back.

Basically all I need is a guide to COMPLETELY erase GMOD’s settings and registry keys, etc, so that when I reinstall it, it’s a COMPLETELY clean copy.

Delete your gmod folder


No really, do it. It’s called cleaning gmod, and it will delete all of your gmod settings, and the next time you restart gmod, the folders will regenerate.

Edit: It’ll delete everything that’s causing your problems.

Also post your specs of your PC.

OP, run dxdiag, it’s more useful than other sources. When you are in steam, right click Garry’s Mod and hit “verify integrity of game cache” and make sure something isn’t being corrupted on download.

This does not fix the issue, as strange as it may seem.

My specs are as follows:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13 GHZ
nVidia GeForce 8800GTS 320mb DDR3 (latest drivers)
32" Vizio Monitor