Garry's mod crashing just before you spawn


When I’m joining a server, everything seems to run fine.
Since 2 / 3 days, I get this error:
“hl2.exe has stopped working”.
Anyone got this problem, and knows how to fix?
My system specs are:
Windows 7 x64
4 GB Ram
Asus EAH5750 1GB 2DI
AMD Athlon II x4 600e (2.2Ghz)


Could be a addon. try without any addons in your addon folder. if this works try finding the problematic addon by adding them one by one to your addons folder

It’s not an addon.
Didn’t install anything.

so you can join a server but can’t go sp?

since you have no addons installed, Delete your steamapps/garrysmod/garrysmod folder. this will extract the original content and should fix your problem

I’m not noobish, but,
it looks to run fine, but it doesn’t.


I’ll test SP.


Seems to be the server I tried?
Cause when I host myself it works…
So does single player.

Seriously, this is SO annoying.
I thought anything was working fine, but now I get these errors:

Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated No, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL
Connecting to…
Connection failed after 4 retries.

I am really sure that server is online, cause a friend of me is next to me, and on that server.

Have you tried joining any other servers?

I tried over 9000, but, for a strange reason, now it’s working fine o.O