Garry's mod crashing on linux

I am having problems with garrys mod crashing while installing/downloading server files. I could fic it - but it would cost me about $50.

Here is an example of it crashing - say i’m joining TTT server and i have never joined it before. It will take around 3 min to download all the addons - while it’s downloading the add-ons i open up system monitor and i can see the RAM usage go up about 10 - 20MB a second - now if i leave it to install for too long the ram usage will go up to 8GB used and my whole computer will freeze for like 30 seconds.

This did not happen when i used to use windows and when joining a server with all add-on installed - the ram usage will go up - but not high enough to crash.

Is the new update going to fix this by any chance? I’m running Fedora 23