Garry's Mod crashing on some maps

Hi! My Gmod is crashing for some strange reason when I load for example: gm_ghosthunt 2, every time it completes loading it crashes saying hl2.exe stopped working.

Here is the crash log (it showed it in my language which you wouldn’t understand, so I tried to translate it, so I apologise for any spelling mistakes):

Name of the problem: APPCRASH
Name of the program: hl2.exe
Program version:
Wrong name of the module: client.dll

Ok so I run windows 7 Sp 1, with Direct X 11, using Direct X 9.0+ in the Gmod

My computer is pretty strong and is without a doubt not the problem.

It also crashes during the gameplay of some maps, for no reason, throwing the same error on my screen.

It is very unpleasant, because I build, create a lot of stuff and without a warning it crashes. I really need help! please.


client.dll? im pretty sure this is releated to steam. i know because source games dont have dll files

Ok i’ve searched the hole steam for client.dll and it only finds me client.dll in my games directory, even in gmod …\USERNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod. If the reinstall should help? but the problem is i’m gonna lose all of the mods, which is dump -.-

You can back up the mods and re-add them later.

yeah but not all, some of them are not in addons…

You’ll get more help and support if you post the problem in Help/Support.