Garry's Mod Crashing (Probably unrepairable.)

Really straight forward, when Gmod 13 first came out, I did a crap ton of downloading from the workshop, from that skyrim mod, Doom mod, and many many maps. I seen a Fallout 3 NPC download and thought of giving that a go next, but when it downloaded and reached 100%, my game crashed. I figure “Hey no biggy.” But when I opened up my game, that download started up again, and once it reaches 100%, again, the game crashes. I can’t stop the download, I tried REINSTALLING the entire Garry’s Mod game, I tried defraging the files, verifying the files, having the game fully updated…I’m all out of my normal options. I have no problems with any other downloads, but with this Fallout 3 one, it always keeps downloading itself when I get onto Garry’s Mod and I have no possible means of stopping it.

Again, just to be clear for those who want to kindly try helping, list of stuff I tried to fix:
1.Updating Garry’s Mod todate.
2. Verifying Integrity of Game Cache
3. Defragment Cache Files
4. Uninstalling and Reinstalling Garry’s Mod.

If anyone have any more ideas to get this dealt with, I would greatly appreciate it, oh and here’s a picture of it happen (Kinda pointless pic, but meh)


So the real question here… is how does one unsubscribe from workshop stuff without loading into Gmod.

Have you waxed the folder… reloaded into Gmod… and then rushed into the workshop to unsub from it?

you can unsub from workshop addons within steam.

Thanks a billion guys! It’s fixed…for now at least. I’ll be in touch if shit hits the fan again! hahah