Garry's mod crashing randomly

So I’ve had Garry’s Mod for about a year or so now. On my old computer and current one I keep getting this error randomly, sometimes I can play without it crashing but most of the time it does. This is the error I get when it crashes.

The instruction at “0x11d34b6d” referenced memory at “0x0f181454”. The memory could not be “read”

I doubt this is to do with the new updates and such as its been happening for months now.

If it makes a difference or anything I’ll post my specs.

AMD Anthlon 5200+ Dual Core processor
4GB ram
Nvidia 9600GSO graphics card
Windows XP

This error comes in a range of different orders, and it is probably a very common one from my experiences with random crashes. Over a mic conversation, I told a server admin about the error I got by repeating exactly what was shown.

I was told that the problem is that the game is trying to read a memory file that doesn’t even exist in any of the files. People that play Zombie Survival Versions 2 or higher are most likely to be forced off by getting one of the memory reference errors.

People that play on Windows XP are more than likely to get this type of crash for what reason, I don’t know. People continue to say that Windows 7 is the only known fix, I don’t see how this would work since I’m still running XP.

Hmm, well I play Trouble in Terrorist Town a lot and it sometimes happens there

But when I play the fallout gamemode it crashes after like 30seconds

I find that periodically reinstalling gmod every couple months generally prevents or decreases the frequency of this kind of error. Reducing your number of addons helps as well.