Garry's Mod Crashing Randomly

It doesn’t matter what i’m doing and if im in singleplayer or not. (also a lot of people crash in multiplayer) Randomly i get the HL2.exe has stopped working message.

Im on windows 7 and a clean garry’s mod.

I got same ISSUE

removed all unneded addons … left only few svn-addons like wire,phx, spacebuild
defragmented and validated hl,hlep1,hlep2,gmod,css,tf2 …
updated drivers

and still … randomly crashing …

Does it crash very often like around 10 minutes or just randomly crash ?
If it 's randomly crashing it 's because of your PC

I’ll not call that RANDOMLY …

when noone is fighting i can play hours … but when smb die … i got hl.exe

I got tons of same dmp files.
but dunno how to read in them … when opening in notepad … half of the lines looks still encrytped