Garry's mod crashing the pc after windows 10?

Since i’ve updated, every game that I play crashes the pc, but, since I play gmod more, i decided to post it here to see if I could get a solution.
So, since I updated from windows 8 to 10, gmod crashes my pc, strangely, except when I play in this map:
I don’t know exactly why, but when I play in this map, my pc doesn’t crashes.
So, do anyone knows some way to fix this? I want to play this game again! Please!

Your PC crashes? Not the game?

Yeah, the pc just turns off. It crashes.
Unless I’m playing in the toysoldiers map I mentioned before.
Remenber that, as I mentioned, it didn’t do that before windows 10.

Well then the problem is not with the game. Check your PC temperatures. Update all your drivers to Windows 10 compatible ones.

That’s exactly the problem. I already did this.
I knew this wasn’t the right place to ask, but do you know something i could do/other forum to ask?