Garry's Mod Crashing To Desktop

Well everyone another day another problem with Gmod.

Here we go again lol.

The title say’s it all but il go in to a bit of detail.
I join my server or any server i am playing on it for 10 to 15 min’s some time’s less some time more.
And Gmod just crashes to desktop for no apparent reason, fix one thing and there is allways something else eh.

Thing’s i have try’d to fix this issue.

1.Reinstalled Gmod 10 time’s
2.Reinstalled Gmod with cloud off and on 5 time’s
3.Reinstalled Steam 8 time’s
4.Validated Gmod 30 time’s
5.Changed Launch Options to just about every combo there is with -dxlevel 95 and all other -dxlevel’s and windowed and all the rest.
6.Made sure it’s not a hardware issue, ive been running Gmod on this pc for 6 month’s with no problem but still i checked everything.
7.Made sure i have all updated driver’s and such.
8.Try’d running in all different rezalution’s and graphics setting’s.

And that is about it for the major thing’s i have try’d but have done other thing’s too.
This game man… Why is it only this game i have this much trouble with uuuugh.

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I am sorry but this game should really be called (Keep Uninstalling It And Reinstalling It Mod)
Or maybe just (Stupid F^%&KING C"NT Mod) :dance: lol

Have you tried another server? Could be an add on or something on the server…

Yes its the same thing on other server’s and i dont have any addon’s.

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hunterNormandy Is marking all my post’s Dumb so this is for you hunterNormandy

I know you expect to get a reaction out of me with your condescending message you sent me and you will just not the one you thought you would get
And i know people like you live and breathe on negativity which is why you marked most my post’s dumb when i was using my sense of humor to keep thing’s light hearted so instead of giving you what you want which is negativity i will just say go on your way with a skip and a jump in your step and try to be more friendly toward you fellow man k hunterNormandy i am sure you will find some one else who will give you what looking for which is obviously an argument. :dance:

Ok i have put (-dxlevel 90) in the Launch Option’s and it seems to be ok now a lot of player’s use
(-dxlevel 95) but for some reason (-dxlevel 90) works a lot better for me. :dance: