Garrys Mod crashing when I join a server

When I try to join a server my Garry’s Mod just crashes, no dialog box or anything. It just closes like I clicked the red X. Singleplayer works fine though. I am trying to join a server that needs to download materials but even when I disable downloading that stuff in the settings it still crashes. I noticed that it made a MDMP file but I don’t know how to analyse that so here it is:!FY4WVCbB!f8AhTNzhXtWeDCZRn6k_wq5dszc-TxZ8hn27JO7uUhk
The only games I have installed that (maybe idk for sure) use source are CS:GO and Portal 2.
I have already unsubscribed and uninstalled all my addons.
I have also reinstalled Garry’s Mod (and the different folders in it) several times

Can someone please look at the MDMP file because I really want to play Garry’s Mod but it keeps crashing at a random moment when it’s connecting to a server.