Garry's Mod crashing when playing mp3 extension files in the game

Before I go on any further:

  • I did verify cache multiple times, I even deleted some content and then verified cache. No use.
  • .mp3 files work perfectly on desktop. Other games too.
  • The issue links to vaudio_miles.dll (which doesn’t exist in the garrysmod binary), which is a file found in SDK Base (2007/2013). Perhaps Gmod links to those files for some reason?

In order to find this an active issue, I used console commands to play mp3 files. When I did that, the game crashed.

The only way the game worked was when I set launch options to -nosound (which obviously disables any sounds).

Help will be appreciated.


I’m assuming you have this issue on Windows. Do you have any crash dumps? Which sounds specifically are causing you to crash?

You can find crashdumps in your SteamApps/GarrysMod directory and they’ll end with “.mdmp”.

Any mp3 extension files. Doesn’t matter what file that is.
I tried this for instance (console): play music/hl2_song3.mp3 - the result was a crash. Same with other mp3 files.
I opened some mp3 files in different audio softwares, like Windows Media Player, Audacity, VLC and others. I had no issues at all.

I can send a crash dump, but I’m afraid you’ll get this, what I mentioned earlier (I found this issue by checking a .mdmp file, I can send one if you would like to investigate further):

P.S: This only happens with Gmod, other source games (and mods) display no such problems.

I’ll be able to see much more than just the name of a binary from the crash dump, don’t sweat it. I’ll PM you a link you can use to upload any files.


I just read the dump file
“Unhandled exception at 0x2CF01728 (vaudio_miles.dll) in hl2_161029_crash_2016_11_1T21_57_20C0.mdmp: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000001.”

(note, my Steam is located on disk F:\ and the issue comes from a completely different disk)

Original Location: D:\Source SDK Content files\Ultimate SSDK v3\Source Engine 2007\bin\vaudio_miles.dll

Question is, why does Garry’s Mod crash because of a file located on a completely separate disk? What’s going on?

Do you have “D:\Source SDK Content files\Ultimate SSDK v3\Source Engine 2007\bin” in your system PATH variable by any chance? Note: it might’ve been automatically put there by some bullshit even if you didn’t do it yourself.