Garry's mod crashing while loading spawnicons

when i press Q after joining a server the first time after running gmod, sometimes it crashes even loading the first spawnlist that appears
when it doesn’t, a lot of times it crashes loading the others

and for some reason, the spawnicons dont save and i have to generate them many times…

that started happening after i wiped my computer and reinstalled gmod, i will try reinstaling it again but, before i would like to know if there is anything i could do instead of reinstalling already

What models is it making spawn icons for? I remember that the l4d models would crash on a dx level lower than 90 on my computer.

spacebuild models
now that you mentioned, since one of the sbmp spawnlists have 400 icons, it’s the first one to pop up when i press Q, it could be it

i have the solution to the problem! what i did was IN your sbmodel pack! theres is a PLEASE READ THIS.txt
if you didnt read it then heres what it says or leme cut to the solution “So, whenever you update SBEP, I would recommend you update your spawnlists by going into the garrysmod/settings/spawnlist folder and deleting the contents.
They will then be recached next time you start a game. This is especially worth doing at the moment, whilst I am updating lots of part names, making the
old spawnlists redundant.”
you must delete everything in your settings/spawnlist folder! then it shouldnt crash! thats how i fixed minee

It could be also just that your computer isn’t good enough to handle the icon spawning process. I remember that we once had a long discussion about this. If that’s the case, I don’t think there’s much you can do about it.