Garry's Mod Crashing


i have garry’s mod for a long while now and have never come across this problem
which came out of the blue and is not the fault of any update of the game or change of any of it’s file’s or mod’s or addon’s.
i can connect and play on any TTT server on the list but my own TTT server, every time i connect to it just when i am getting in
it crashes, funny thing is i can play on any other server no matter how many addon’s and mod’s they have with no problem at all.
to make thing’s even more strange if i connect to my server and goto my desktop i can join the server i can hear player’s talking an all
but as soon as i click to bring the game up on the screen it crashes keep in mind this is not a hardware issue as i can play on any other server
and player’s are on my server all the time and are having no problem’s at all with crashing.

if anyone has any idea’s on this i would really like to hear from you as i cant find the problem and my face is starting to melt, thank you.

i have made sure it is not a hardware issue.
i have reinstalled the game and steam 5 time’s.
i have verifyed the game some where in the 100’s of time’s.
i have got in contact with CEO of the company that is hosting the server to make sure it’s notting on there end.
i have prayed to all the god’s i have found.

Looking forward to your thought’s on this Thanks again.

p.s i have reinstalled steam in the last few day’s and some player’s that are on my server a lot have also reintalled steam in the last 2 to 3day’s and are now having the same problem.
Its been a week now and still no closer to getting to the bottom of this strange crashing issue i know of a few player’s that are having the same problem and there are bound to be more out there.

I have come across more player’s having this problem it seams to be slowly growing if any one can help us out on this problem we would greatly appreciate it.
Btw vgui_allowhtml 0 is not stoping the crashing.

Here is a link to the hl2_130620_crash_2013_6_22T17_50_46C0.mdmp (dump file/crash log)

I hope this help’s to pin down this crash issue as i have been unable to join my server in over a week now waaaaa… ;(

This is what im getting in the server log when Gmod crashes to desktop

[BDL] badgerbush<80><STEAM_0:0:54458594><>" disconnected (reason “[BDL] badgerbush timed out”)

Just wondering The update on the 20 Jun 2013 10:34:25 AM PT switched Garrysmod over to using .vpk files for many of its resources. this was around the time this problem started could this be why it’s crashing.??

SNIP- missed important info

My server is hosted by a server hosting company as i have said in my first post.
If you read what it say’s you would also have noticed that i have not been able to join in a week which should have made it clear that i was able to join before, next time read with your eye’s open and your brain switched on…

sorry about that, but after reading 8 threads of kiddies begging for rust keys, your IQ takes a hit.

it says you timed out, it means no connection (or at least a bad one) was made to the server, or there is a big issue. make sure the server using using steamcmd for the steampipe update (srcds is old and now outdated).

That is understandable man, i was a bit snappy when i posted that reply, thanks for posting it anyway, as for my server being up to date the hosting company is very good at rolling out any update’s that are released so no luck there, btw your the only one that has even put forward an opinion as to what maybe going on here out of over 300 view’s so thank you for at least contributing now i dont feel like i am talking to myself here lol.

Ok i have found the problem it took me a week but i finally found it was a direct x issue adding this(-dxlevel 91) to the launch option’s fixed it i also enabled direct x in the video option’s, i can play on my server again :smiley: I am so happy i could s^%$ my pants and be totally fine with it lol i will mark this as solved by myself :smiley: