Garry's mod crashing

Garry’s mod constantly crashes 10+ times a day and i have no idea why, sometimes shooting a gun and sometimes for no apparent reason. I just verified game cache(1 file failed to verify) and completely deleted garry’s mod and reinstalled it but guns still sometimes crash. Is there anything i can do to stop crashing every 5 seconds? -dxlevel 90 doesn’t even let me play on some servers

I really fucking hate this game

Do you know if this happened due to the recent update? There are also some problems with the Linux version if that’s what you’re using

No it’s been happening forever

If you’re using the Linux version then I’m afraid it’s just a problem with that version, you will have to play through Windows or possibly Wine

Now i can’t even join one of my favorite servers, it just crashes as soon as i join

What’re your computer’s specs?

I had the same problem due to too many, or broken addon.
if you have many addons, try deactivating all, then activating just those you really need.

if this was already happening before you got addons, or you still have the problem with all addons deactivated i can’t help you.