Garry's Mod Crashing

Hi guys,

I recently attempted to install Steam and Garry’s Mod on my MacBook Air. I regularly play on a Dark RP server called The Fallout Shelter AU. It has quite a large amount of files to download, so I entered the server with a clean Garry’s Mod folder. For about an hour or so, it started downloading the content for the server. It gave me a message ‘Map not found’, and disconnected me from the server. On their forums, I found a fix for that. I am now encountering a new issue. This issue crashes my game, when it is in the ‘sending client info’ section of connecting to the server. My game crashes, and exits the application. It gives me these details.

If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please do not hesitate to comment. All help is appreciated.


Holy fuck did you just put dump contents in a spoiler?

If you are willing to help, please reply. If you are here for other reasons, please exit this thread and refrain from posting.

Pulling this out my arse, but that first bin you posted makes a lot of mention of awesomium - try installing this

Absolutely no clue if it’ll work, especially being on mac and all