Garry's Mod crashing

When I do certain things like ignite objects or spawn certain people like combine soldier or vortigaunt it crashes. Sometimes i get an error message but most of the time my computer restarts. Is my computer just messed up or is this a normal problem?

Computer specs? Also, try verifying your game cache.

I don’t know the specs for my computer but its an old Hp around 2006 or 2007. I can play hl2 and css fine and can you run me through how to verify my game cache.

Found by google:

when i go to a server everythings fine but when i get shot or something or somthing blow up it lagges like hell then does the hl2.exp thing has stoped woring how do i fix that?

I have the same problem.

To verify your game cache, right click Garry’s Mod, go to Properties-Local Files-Verify intergrity of game cache, and the shot error is your video card, try updating your drivers or getting a new one :T

Mine crashes only the second i hit q and i’m on a map without a gatespawner, but i’m in the process of complete reinstall, I’ll have more later.


Okay, yeah. Full wipe and re-downlaod worked, not to just get all my stuff back, one by one, till it breaks. Updates coming, for those interested.

Hmm, odd. It’s all fine now. I completely reinstalled all addons and nothing broke. Things are wierd. Also, i have 99% vanquished all the random crashes. Maybe reinstall IS the fix?

It was a magical toaster that did it denizine