Garrys mod crashing?

Anyways. Ive been having problems with gmod for a while. Whenever i attempt to make a server or join one. I enjoy a crash. A hl2.exe Error.

The instruction at “0x12f94b6d” referenced memory at “0xed11454”. The memory could not be “read”.
Click on ok to terminate the program

Any insight? ive reinstalled garrys mod. Deleted the whole thing. Nothing works.
Thanks in advance

Have you been reinstalling any addons after you’ve reinstalled garrysmod? If so, how many?

Ive tried clean installs. I don’t see what would be wrong.

Defragment your hardrive, and post your computer’s specs.

But its odd because every other game i have works. Css hl2. etc.

Gmod is a much, much more taxing game than CS:S or Half Life 2. Post your specs anyway.

Never had trouble running it before.
Its just recently

ATI Radeon HD 3850
Windows xp 32-bit
3072mb Ram DDR2

Bump. Anyone able to help?