Garry's Mod Crazy Line!

Episode One =====>
Episode Two =====>

Oh my god that sucked, you sounded like you where ten, and it just sucked. Get the fuck out.

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Cut my steak into pieces, this is my knife and fork

Kinda stupid.

You should try to write some GOOD idea’s down and count how many idea’s is actualy better.

Yes, not very good Mr stblack

Next time try and write down some good ideas, as Mr Kryzech pointed out. Trying and make a stable story line I guess.

Was okay. Better than most ‘silly’ videos, but it was still a gmod random video. Which makes it bad.

The ideas could use some more thinking and the movements aren’t that bad. Just make the movements more smooth and film it in HD, it wil be a LOT better.

Best thing ever!

No it would not.

when you are 9, you dont use a microphone.

It’s my 2 first videos in garry’s mod!
I uploaded it for fun! :smiley:

От дауни тупі!
Давайте покажіть мені ваші відео і я на них подивлюсь!
Пів нета завалена вашим американським лайном!
Не подобається - ідіть в Оленкину пизду!
Чого пиздіти я не розумію?!

That’s all for now:D