Garrys mod Crotch gun bug (URGENT)

ok im sure many people know of this bug i have tried every guide in the book even the guy who wrote the guy tried via teamviewer , iv have this for over a year i really dont want CSS guns sticking out of the crotch anymore its hard to play the game e.g. Darkrp

Please can someone help im really desperate.

Thanks Katsumoto

P.S this is for the attention of garry also as iv been playing his mod many years and i dnt intend to stop but this bug is very frustrating, but if anyone else knows how to fix it then please comment :slight_smile:

get proper playermodels and/or weapons


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like i said i followed all the guides which has that in it but it didnt work

I have this problem too, it only randomly happens but once it does it stays like that on restart. (server wide not my client)

Do you actually own CSS or did you download the textures and stuff?

i own CSS i think i have found a way to fix this, if no guides work for people try this. i have re-installed gmod and CSS unsubscribe from all addons and make sure u delete the addons via the folder labelled “workshop” then re-install CSS and gmod and if it works stay clear of all CSS addons as they interfere with the CSS game. this can be tried if u have CSS or dont have CSS but if u do have CSS dnt touch any CSS addons via workshop, fastDL shouldent affect it but servers rarely have it on fastDL for this reason.

i havent yet tested this theory i will update this post if it works

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Yeah it didnt work : /

Have you tried turning off Steam Cloud and doing a complete reinstall?

i have re-installed CSS and gmod twice on different occasions im going to try again iv made sure all traces of workshop content have been deleted. how do u turn off steam cloud?


ok im re-installing its turned off i asked alot of people without the bug, they say theres is turned off so this might work, i dont mind the bug in a way just sends me OCD crazy XD