Garry's Mod (Currently on v164) Pretending to be v165 and Redownloading Addons!

Garry’s Mod, I have no idea if it’s because of SteamPipe or the new update itself, has been acting very annoying recently.
I have dealt with the annoying Lua limit and am still coping with its instigation-prone-ways, but this is VERY aggravating!

Garry’s Mod, when you immediately start it up, while seem to redownload all of my addons and not stop to realize its mistake. I realized another big problem: servers are unable to be joined!

If you look here,, you can see that the servers are working off of an “older” protocol than mine…
Why is that, you may ask? The fuck I know! It says on the top of my screen on the GMod version box 165, when [currently] it is 164. This problem cannot be solved by verifying GMod through Steam, and only seems to work if you have GMod on for hours without quitting the executable and restarting steam. Again, I can only TEMPORARILY FIX IT by restarting Steam. This leads me to think that SteamPipe might of been wrecking with my game, but I digress.

If anyone can help, please don’t hesitate to reply. Thanks!

The latest version of Garry’s Mod is 165. I’m not quite sure why you think your GMod is at 164 when it says it’s at 165.

None of my graphical settings are saving. Anyone else having this issue?

Atokad, why would you comment here with that lol. And Bo98 Now it’s even worse. Now that everyone’s updating to SteamPipe, NONE OF THE SERVERS are switching to it. Is there any way to downgrade?

In fact, lots of people are having issues that the clients are not updating automatically. This is one reason why some servers have not updated yet but the bigger reason is that the way servers update, the way servers mount content etc, have all changed. Give it some time.

But it is all for the better. Just a rough conversion.

There is no way to downgrade.

Help me please.

Ever since the most recent update, my Gmod appeared to have broke.

I mostly play TTT, but there are SO many textures missing and errors everywhere. It worked fine just 1 day ago. No, even today.

Tried to upload picture but that bugged for me too.

Tried verifying the integrity of Gmod and HL2, no success. What can I do ?

Verify CS:S.

I did, and then “Game content conversion” made its sudden appearane which I have never seen before. Something about conversing files into a more efficient format?

Are you sure my TTT will work after this is done ?

Yes, if it doesn’t then there is another problem but you definitely need to convert your games for it to work in GMod.

Okay it didn’t work. It said (suspended) and failed.

What do?

Try convert again a few times until it budges.


But you said there might be “another problem” if the verifying/conversion of CS:S doesn’t work?

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Also, what other games do I need to verify? I verified HL2 and Gmod but they didn’t convert anything like CS:S does.

Also the verifying/conversion of CS:S worked, now it’s just downloading something to finish it up.

By “another problem” I was meaning if the textures didn’t appear after converting the game. The game needs to converted to work with GMod.

HL2 DM? Do I need to converse its contents too?

Whatever games you have mounted in Gmod

I’m not sure… I just play TTT, I don’t run servers or anything

Just try it as it is and see if your textures are there.

But I would prefer not to have a single error or missing texture…

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And I can’t cancel the conversion of HL2:DM right now lol

For most TTT servers, you only need CS:S.

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No harm whatsoever converting other games btw.