Garry's mod custom animations.

Allright so i was wondering how do i make custom animations and then “use” them if youo know what i mean (play the animations) In my case, im gonna make for PERP so when a player is handcuffed his hands will be on his back.

You have to assign them to a model and create key frames in a modelling program (Blender, 3DS Max, Maya).

And when ive made the animation in 3ds and saved it how do i play it?

You could use Jetboom’s animation API.

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I thought that was outdated/broken?

It works for me.

Do you have PAC3 installed? That has a fixed up version of the addon as well as the editor. Found a while ago that if I had PAC3 installed then it worked, but if I just had the addon standalone, it didn’t.

No I dont.

Export it as an SMD and set the animation sequence in the QC.

Could you possibly upload a working version somewhere? I’ve been trying to get it to work on the newest update of Garry’s Mod, but the editor keeps throwing errors while the sliders are not actually doing anything.